Bring on the color!

Nothing says- I feel Good about Me, more than an awesome hair color


Choosing a new hair color can be fun and exciting.  Color can be subtle, dramatic,  natural, or shout I'm here.  It’s about attitude, ‘hair swag’, letting the world know how you feel. Colorist, Joi can create Your predect color.


RED hair- Distinctive beauty. Stop the show with mix and match red tones of cooper, citrus and crimson shades of red.


Browns can be brazen.  Embolden your BURNETTE hair with caramel, espresso or auburn enhancing tones.


BLONDE hair is more than just a color. It’s versatile. Challenging. Beautiful. Creative. And it requires expertise to achieve perfect Blonde.


Enhance your natural GREY hair.  Add to the beauty that you are, turn grey into gorgeous.  Grey is diverse as is each head of hair.


Intensify your beauty naturally~ with PLANT DYES

Another ancient secret-

If you want a rich colored mane without chemicals, then plant dyes is your answer. The most natural way to color your hair is with plant dyes. They have been around for centuries, adding color, enhancing the health of your hair and scalp and giving awesome shine, feel and look to your hair.





Offering brilliant shine, vibrant long-lasting shades and  perfect depthof color, it has a natural, organic base of vegetable oils and keratin proteins. All-Nutrient  Hair color contains no parabens, DEA, betaines, propulene glycol or EDTA, and is sulfate-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.




Express your persona


Your hair cut is designed in the image you want to be.  We all know a bad haircut is the worst and can only be cured by time.  Well a good haircut, is like a fine bottle of wine, it gets better with time. Let Joi uncover another beautiful You.


Shape yourself happy

Shape is everything


A percussion hair cut brings out your bone structure, a textured cut releases your hair's personality, and a haircut framing your face accents your features.

 The cut has everything to do with the proportion of your face, the shape of your head and the relationship they play.

Joi combines extraordinary technical skill with intuition to see the individuality of each client.









Control your Texture...

Transform your hair’s identity


Each head of hair has it's own characteristics ,sometimes  challenging . Make peace, make a deal, and compromise with your hair. There are natural and chemical methods to tame or re-define your hair's temperament.  Joi can help you control your hair texture.


hair Relaxers ~ HG Relaxer System: With an ultra-moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter and honey, the Butter Blend Relaxer System preserving hair’s fiber integrity has always delivered unsurpassed protection and intense conditioning.


Natural based Relaxer ~ The latest technology in hair relaxing/smoothing- Natural based Alkaline, New Options hair care offers NATURAL hair relaxers and other organic solutions that will help our clients to grow their own hair, and keep it!


Keratin smoother ~ Any hair type with frizz and/or curl seeking the longest-lasting smoothness, manageability and protection against humidity.  Product information click here.


Plant Treatment ~ natural plants and clays to enrich the health, and either enhance the curl or relax and de-frizz hair and scalp








Hair Styling is the finishing

Chose your mood…


Straight~ powerful attitude


Waves ~ sophisticated movement


Curls ~ sexy energetic texture


Up do ~ soft & understated or ostentatious


Decorative braid style ~ embellished beauty

Joi will express your mood with your style.




Natural Protective styles

Design Your look and feel beautiful


Natural hair styles ~ sometimes we want them tamed and professional, sometimes wild and free, sometimes just easy.  We don't want them to stay the same, day after day.


Individual single braids ~ neat and easy


Tree braids ~ wickedly beautiful


2 strand twists ~ soft and tamed


Decorative braids ~ professional and artistic






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