Hair on -the- Go Joi comes to you Home Nursing mothers Recovering from surgery Home bound Hospital "Joi Gayles over the years has always given me exquisite care with my hair and comfort and lot's of compassion. The thing most striking was, as a patient in the hospital spirits low, she came with all of her equipment and her smile and her personality and she gave me a real quick fix. She did my hair but she also did my soul, she is a wonderful human being, and a great technician and a wonderful caregiver."- Melba Beals Weddings Bridal Hair Wedding party Hair On site or Studio Joi Joi goes with you Back stage Back stage management, stage decor, artist personal assistant. Joi!, You Are An Absolute Angel And Such A Positive Force Of Love Things Just Fall In To Place When You're There"- Will Russ Jr. Joi. You yourself are magical and awesome. I have always loved the energy you bring around, but this time was over-the-top! All the flowers, Bling for the band and Long hours you put in was the icing on the cake. It just feels like you're IN the band when you are around! ~Uriah Duffy Thanks for everything Joi!!! ~Morty Okin Much appreciated Joi, your presence was felt 360 degrees. ~Ric Alexander

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