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"My work is collaborative".


We talk about your life, your hair:  goals, fears and challenges, to better understand your current hair situation.  I listen and work WITH YOU.


With this information a plan is developed to achieve the hair you want.


"My specialty is to bring out the best in clients, using holistic hair care"


I believe in the healing power of touch, and that it can bring about a positive shift in energy.  Massage along with Herbal infusions is incorporated into my shampoo session.

This is a new way to experience  hair care, using  enriched organic products, natural hair treatments and massage.


At Studio Joi -the overall health & well-being, of you and your hair are the goal.


• Develop program to reach client goals

• Track, log and picture each client session

• Products used are researched & tested

• One – on – one, exclusive session

• Mind -Body -Well -Being




"Beauty is the purest feeling of the soul.  Beauty arises when soul is satisfied" Pirandello

  150 Shoreline Hwy c32, Mill Valley, CA  94941  USA  •   415.729.7065   •    joi@Studiojoi.com


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