10/23/ 2015

I don't write a lot of reviews, but when someone is as exceptional as Joi, I think it warrants a review. Long story short, I happened across Joi after a very, very bad at home dye job. I called her late in the evening in a panic and she somehow managed to find the time to see me the very next day. I showed up and was immediately impressed with her salon. It's extraordinarily clean, comfortable and welcoming. She took her time doing my hair - being careful to explain what she was doing and why (when I asked) and she checked her work at each step. She somehow managed to turn my weirdly orange, patchy hair into a color and cut that I actually like! She is way above average both in terms of knowledge of her craft, skill in executing it and plus...she's lovely to talk to. I will absolutely be going back and I HIGHLY recommend her. Thank you, Joi, for helping to save my weekend - and my hair!


Sara Emery -Sausalito, CA



8/4/ 2015

Dear Joi,

Thank you so very much for doing my hair for the show!  I honestly felt like a princess, all night long.  You are so very talented in what you do and I am most grateful!


Debbie Cucalon  ~San Francisco, CA




I have been going to Joi to get my hair color/cut/style.  I needed to find a salon that used nature product because my husband is so alergic to the smell in hair dyes.  I trust her and last year decided to become a red head (covering a lot of gray hair).  I get stopped several times a week commenting on the beautiful hair color and cut..... she does an amazing job and the salon is a wonderful place to hide away for a few hours!!


Carol Seebach ~San Rafael, Ca





I neglected my hair for many years after visiting Joi I'm a new person. The experience was exceptional Joi revitalized my hair. What I appreciation the most she takes time to gather information about my hair, what I don't like about my hair, and what I need to do to keep it health ...for the first time I walked out of a salon thinking WOW, my hair look fabulous.


Denise D.~ Marysville, CA




Hair-expert, Hair-professional, Hair-guru--I don't know what you would call Joi from Signatures, but Hair Stylist just won't do it.  Joi knows hair--not in a "I got my cosmetology license" kind've way, but in a "I spend all day and night studying hair" kind've way.  Trust me, I'm not exaggerating--she doesn't even have a t.v.  She will educate you about what you should do to have healthy hair (diet, vitamins, etc). She treats the whole-you. She only uses the best, all-natural products.  She will even make her own 'concoctions' for your hair. For my dandruff, she created a wheat grass solution, for dry scalp, she created a beautiful-smelling concoction with tea leaves, and who knows what else--I just know that it worked!  Joi can do any type of hair and do anything with your hair. I get a Keratin from her. Joi's salon is a mirror of Joi's personality-open, zen, beautiful.  Call me vain, call me a diva, but I care about my hair and I wouldn't trust anybody else with it, but Joi, a hair-expert, hair-professional, hair guru--hmmmmmm.... maybe I would call her the hair-whisperer


Randi Agenbroad ~Greenbrae, Ca




This is the best salon ever.  Joi Gayles, the owner is phenomenal. She has a diverse clientele and can do anything well...color, extensions, cuts, etc.  Her style is collaborative but her approach is unique. She starts by understanding the person, your interests, diet, lifestyle and all of this informs her about who you are. She will then give you a style that is all your own.  Simply put, her knowledge is ahead of the curve and her skills match.


Nellie Newman ~Sausalito, Ca




Ms.JOI.....you have changed my life...in a beautiful way!!!! We met ...we chatted...the next thing I knew I was in your fabulous salon...I have been wanting to cut off all my hair for months and together we have created the most fabulous hair cut I have ever had!!!!!! I love it! I walked into my friends restaurant here in Sausalito today and the first thing he said was WOW you cut your hair...its really cute! I love it!! I will be moving to Puerto Vallarta very soon to make a new start and this new DO is part of my transition ....Thank you my Love you ROCK!!!!!!


Alexi D.~San Francisco, Ca




 have been going to Joi now for 10 years. I am constantly being asked who does my hair. I have tried every salon from LA to Paris. I am a blonde not a bleached blonde....well ok maybe truly a light brunette but you would never know. She does an amazing job making me look jus kissed by the sun.

And my haircuts have been fabulous. Never to boring and yet never to edgy. She truly is a beautiful soul that is very talented and has the clientele and years to back her up.


Rose ~Tiburon, Ca





I have been coming here for years and will probably never go anywhere else. Joi has created an environment that heals and rejuvenates not only your hair but your mind and spirit as well. I walk out of here feeling and looking like a superwoman!


Ashling “ Biscuit” Cole ~San Francisco, Ca




I walk into the salon, after having braved the 50 minute drive from the east bay, taking in the beautiful view of the bay while crossing the Richmond/San Rafael bridge, finding a convenient parking spot, and maybe grabbing a snack at one of the nearby eateries.  Immediately, I'm welcomed by the beautiful smile of Joi, the owner, soft but groovy music playing in the background, light pouring into the wide open salon space creating an instant vibe of "Ah...."


Joi sits me in the chair, we figure out what my hair vision is, and she gets to work while maintaining lively conversation (or quiet, if that's what I prefer - she's quite intuitive).  Next thing I know, VOILA!  I'm a living model of hair diva-dom: my mane gloriously flowing and shining, looking healthy and photo ready.


Joi and her staff are lovely people, the salon is beautiful and feels like a mini-vacation.  Straight, curly, color, extensions, etc.  She can do it all.  She even offers spa services.  As I wrote before: "Ah....."


Victoria Theodore ~Los Angeles, Ca





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